GS Centrifugal Sifters.

Centrifugal Sifter

The new range of Mk III centrifugal sifter provides three base modules incorporating twelve standard configurations which can be optimised to suit different processes depending on the requirements of the application in terms of throughput rate, sieving mesh size, materials of construction, surface finishes and hygiene requirements.

The Centrifugal Sifter is designed to separate particles of different sizes into two product streams, or alternatively to remove tramp material. The compact, hygienic design and high throughput make centrifugal sifters the most appropriate equipment for high efficiency and high capacity product screening and calibration. 


Sifter applications.

Gericke sifters are utilized to guarantee product quality within the processing of powdery products, granules, or fibre. Our ATEX certified sifters provide three main operations of the sifting processes:

  1. Particle Separation: the separation of two different product fractions with varying particle size, typically within the range of 40μ to 5 mm.
  2. Safety sifting: removal of foreign parts and tramp material prior to product entering the production process or to secure product quality before filling processes.
  3. Conditioning: to separate foreign bodies and condition the bulk density of the product prior to entering production or immediately before packing.

Gericke sifters have been designed and developed for the optimization of these sifting tasks. The basic principles of centrifugal sifting, provides high level performance and optimum separation with a minimal footprint.
Sifting capacities from; 2-3 kg/hour guaranteeing product quality of high value small batch operations, to 120 t/hour minimising the time-frame for filling of road tankers, a preferred method utilized throughout the milling industry and the production and processing of sugar and starch.

Siebmaschine mit Siebkorb und Schlägerwerk


The benefits of using a Gericke Mk III Sifter include.

  • Dust tight
  • Low noise levels
  • Low plant area with high output
  • Low power consumption
  • No vibrations
  • High efficiency
  • Continuous discharge of oversize
  • Robust compact construction
  • Easy clean
  • Ease of screen inspection
  • Ease of screen tensioning
  • Adjustable paddle blades
  • Range of machine types, sizes and finishes to suit most sifting applications
  • Range of sieve materials
  • Excellent inspection and cleaning access
  • Hinged doors for quick access (for inspection or basket change)
  • 360° in-situ rotation of basket and screen – for inspection
  • Cantilevered design option (no Non-Drive-End bearing)
  • Easy shaft removal using standard tooling
  • Improved basket design with built in tension and length adjustment
  • Air regulation assembly
  • Enhanced hygiene
  • ATEX certified from safe area to zone 20 internal 21 external
  • Bespoke designs:
    • Pressure rated
    • In-Line (positive pressure or vacuum conveying


Gericke Centrifugal sifters have full ATEX certification for 'dust' classifications and are able to include HD Nylon screens as well as steel screens into ATEX hazardous classified zones providing greater flexibility for material processing.

Model Range

Model Range

* Wheat Flour, screen 1000 micron Nylon. Contact Gericke for detailed advice for your application.

Typical Materials Handled

Calcium Carbonate
Calcium Phosphate
Citric Acid
Corn Flour
Calcium Sulphate
Dies and Pigments
De-hydrated vegetables

Detergent powders
Hydrated Lime
Milk Powder
Milled spices
Magnesium Oxide
PVC Powder

Rubber Crumb
Sodium Bicarbonate
Titanium Dioxide
Whey Powder
Zinc Stearate

Special Sifters and Tools.

Sifter Inlet with Metering Worm
Cat Aluminium G308 Sifter
Mirror Polished Sifter
CSM 722 In-Line Sifter (Vacuum Conveying)
Twin sifter CSM 1542 for throughput up to 120 t/h with 2 mm screen
In-Line Sifter CSM722 MKII (suitable for positive and negative conveying) rated to 1 bar g
Sifter CSM 722 manufactured to contain a 10 bar explosion complete with Rotary valves fitted to the Inlet and outlets
Wedge Wire Screens
Special paddle blade assembly