Abrasion resistant elbow type GB.

Wear resistant elbow

This elbow considerably reduces degradation of conveyed material and avoids formation of angel hair through its patented deflection chamber which reduces turbulence and friction.

Replace your worn and product damaging bends with the Gericke elbow type GB. Its longer life saves you maintenance cost and time.

Principle of operation.

Gericke elbow type GB
The direction of conveyed material is changed without impact on either the elbow wall or a mass of compacted material.

A slowly rotating, self renewing ball of material suspended in air deflects the stream of conveyed materials smoothly without severe elbow wear or particle damage and without additional energy.

Area of application.

Wear resistent pipe elbow
  • For the pneumatic conveying of granules, grains, grits, sand and powder
  • For the conveying of slurries and suspensions
  • Resists abrasion
  • Avoids product attrition


    • Its compact design reduces costs for pipe support and installation
    • Its automatic self-purging design at speeds above 15 m/s eliminates cross contamination
    • Little pressure drop despite small deflection radius
    • Less danger of plugging
    • Less friction and heating of the product and pipe wall
    • Improved laminar flow
    • For use in pneumatic pressure or suction conveying systems
    • In any position mountable - horizontal or vertical



For elbow inner diameter of 55mm to 211mm. Exact dimensions can be found in the brochure.


  • Modular cast iron GGG 70
  • Stainless steel 1.4408

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Gericke Elbow Type GB