GMS Multiflux batch mixer by Gericke.

Gericke Multiflux Mixer GMS1400ECD

Batch mixer. Horizontally designed dual-shaft mixer with optimum product flow in the fluidised bed zone. Low energy input resulting in gentle blending of sensitive products with maximum blending homogeneity.

Series for batch sizes of 40 - 4000 litres.

Principle of operation Multiflux mixer

Principle of operation.

The horizontal double rotor system produces different product streams which are intermingled with each other (as when shuffling playing cards).

The meshing of both product streams create a fluidised bed (therefore the name Multiflux® mixer). In this zone the particles exchange there position with very small energy introduction and fast. This explains the short mixing time.

Fluids are sprayed on the fluidised zone where the contact with paddles and other metal parts can be minimised.

Area of application.

Multiflux Batch Mixer

GMS Batch mixers are used in many different industries.


Batch Mixer for short celaning time
  • Highest mixing quality even with the smallest components below 0.05 % of the total mixing volume
  • Widely varying particles, agglomerates and fibres can be mixed
  • Fluidised bed zone for spraying on liquids without the formation of agglomerates
  • High number of batches per hour means lower investment costs and space requirements
  • Low maintenance and energy costs
  • Available as ATEX Categories 1, 2 or 3
  • Minimal increase in bulk density due to product breaking and protection of the particle surface
  • Meets stringent hygiene requirements
  • A safe investment, supported by references from satisfied customers and the evidence of scientific studies

GMS batch mixer product overview.

Batch Mixer