Silo and bin discharger by Gericke.

Turbex vibrating funnels or RA or KAD discharge agitators reliably remove products from silos and tanks, including slow flowing bulk materials. 

Typical applications

Typical applications.

  • Discharging and feeding from silos and hoppers into dense phase and lean phase pneumatic conveying systems
  • Fast loading of loss-in-weight feeders with integral outlet valve for complete product flow isolation
  • Component feeding into weigh hoppers or batch mixers
  • Discharging from blended product hoppers without segregation
  • Multi-outlets (up to 4) for distribution to more than one point including:
    • mills and mixers
    • FIBC big bag or sack fillers
    • filling machines
    • containers and drums
    • mainstream processing
    • re-cycling

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