Articles published by Gericke.

Milling filter cakes

April 2009
There are various methods of separating solids from a suspension. These
include filtration, centrifuging and drying. In most cases, further processing of
the resulting products cannot be carried out directly. They have to be reduced
to the right particle size by means of a mill. This can be done with a Gericke
Nibbler, which shreds the filter cakes efficiently using a basket and
screen assembly.

Gentle emptying of powder tankers

March 2008
Gericke of Switzerland has successfully designed a pneumatic conveying system for discharging delicate powders and granulates from road tankers, and has also introduced a similar system for unloading product from dry bulk container liners. Several other recent pneumatic conveying developments are also itemised.


Preferences and requirements for batch mixers used in the food industry

March 2008
In the food industry many end products are mixtures of solid substances. Examples of such products are dessert mixtures, sugar blends, instant drinks, dried soups and sauces, dietetic foods and spice mixtures. The great variety of constituents, such as milk powder, cream powder, sugar, cocoa, flour, vegetables, fungi, spices, fats (liquid and solid), places great demands on the batch mixing process.

Gericke plans further expansion outside Europe

January 2008
In an exclusive interview Markus Gericke, CEO of Switzerland-based Gericke Holding, tells

EuroBulkSystems managing editor Richard Miller about his company's expansion plans in China as well as in the Americas. He also gives his own interpretation as to why the company continues to enjoy pre-eminence as a preferred supplier of advanced handling and processing equipment to leading European chemical and food manufacturers.


Continuous mixing systems for the production of pharmaceutical tablets and granulates

January 2007
The Process Analytical Technology initiative demands the implementation of in-process monitoring systems and controls along with the mixing process. Gericke has developed continuous mixing and metering systems that meet the stipulated accuracy and the highest hygienic requirements. Own testing and model calculations demonstrate that their efficiency is determined not only by process parameters such as average residence time and metering constancy but also by the particle size distribution and the concentration range of the active substance.

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